Mona Haumann (b. 1978)

Mona is an artist from Stellenbosch, South Africa.She graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in 2000 with a BA Graphic design degree. After her degree she worked as an art director and in 2008 she started painting full time.Her life is defined by her art. She experiences life through art, building work and ideas around memories of her subconscious mind but also working with visuals of her immediate here and now.

Nature, flowers, colour, music, texture and good design inspire her. Her work is a fascination with colour and line, a conversation between design, illustration, fantasy, realism and fine art – constantly evolving, changing and experimenting. Her work is rich in colour and she imitates nature in its most colourful form.

Living in Stellenbosch, the beautiful Jonkershoek valley and its magnificent fynbos kingdom on her doorstep, continues to stimulate and exhilarate her. 

She enjoys experimenting with various mediums but feel most comfortable with oil on canvas. Her love for flowers has a strong influence on her work and is often a metaphor for her wellbeing.